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Polar Energy was formed in 1986 for the purpose of consulting, engineering and constructing cogeneration facilities that met the newly enacted PURPA regulations for independent power production in the United States.  Using a broad spectrum of generating technologies the company developed inside the fence projects for hospitals, defense facilities and other local and state governmental institutions.
Image of 115MW Westinghouse power barge
With the availability and cost of fuels being the principal driver for the development of power generation projects combined with the need to reduce emissions, Polar has ventured into the area of fuels supply and new technologies for the provision of fuels production such as Gas to Liquids and emulsified coal for coal transportation and gasification. Also the development of methods to bring stranded gas resources to market has become a key function of Polar in recent years, particularly from offshore locations. The company is a leader in the development of floating and offshore GTL facilities, gas to methanol and LNG liquefaction facility design.
The application of new power generation technologies, the development of new fuels and their production, whether they be coal, gas, oil or biomass derived, including their delivery to market with cost and emissions being paramount combines to be the focus of Polar in the age of high oil prices and the quest to reduce the effects of global warming.
115MW, Westinghouse Power Barge
Polar Energy Del Ecuador, S.A.,
Image of 220MW combined cycle power plant, India
220MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, India
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In the early 1990's, Polar broadened it's horizons to the development of power projects worldwide and in particular the design, construction and operation of floating power plants. Projects were developed in Columbia, Ecuador, the Philippines, the Caribbean and Nigeria.  Polar Energy was responsible for the design, construction and installation of the world's largest floating power generation facility now operating in India.
Polar Energy has recognized that the transportation of fuels is a key cost factor in total fuel cost to the end user, particularly by sea, and its eventual storage and distribution at the buying country. Polar's consulting group has led the way in the development of large tankships to transport products to market, including floating storage, coastwise distribution, regasification of LNG and the transport of compressed synthesis gas and coal as a liquid by barges.